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Press Release. "Fibromyalgia Specialist is Working with a Second Major Drug Company in Europe Performing Phase II Clinical Trials"., 20 September 2004

ORLANDO -(Business News)- September 29, 2004 - Fibromyalgia Specialist today announced Dr. Dantini is working with a second major drug company that is currently performing Phase III clinical trials in Europe.

"We are ecstatic about the news. A couple of executives from this particular drug company just recently visited. They are currently conducting Stage 3 clinical trials for a particular antiviral medicine in Europe. After seeing my results with Fibromyalgia they have decided to add my protocol in the trials as a potential indicated use for the medicine (which is a big deal). I will provide them with the protocol and be a consultant during the study, but their researchers will be performing the study. Whereas, with the grant I received from the other drug company I oversee and perform the study", said Dr. Dantini.

I have been treating these Fibromyalgia-causing viruses for years now and the results I am having are not by chance, but rather by a definite causative relationship between Fibromyalgia and these viruses. The drug companies gave me these opportunities because they saw the results and they believe in what I am doing. I am very confident that the grant and Stage 3 trials will be very successful.

Sources say that the Phase III clinical trials may take a couple of years to complete because of the size and complexity of the study. Phase III clinical trials is a very important step because after that it goes to the FDA for review and then to market.

Fibromyalgia Specialist is Working with a Second Major Drug Company in Europe Performing Phase III Clinical Trials

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