Fibromyalgia Exercise Program (s)

Dr. Dantini has found that a fibromyalgia exercise program during acute stages of fibromyalgia may be more detrimental than helpful. If you are going to implement a fibromyalgia exercise program, try to focus on low impact, stretching exercise. Yoga, water aerobics, swimming, and light weight training are the best fibromyalgia exercise programs.

Many patients have tried implementing a fibromyalgia exercise program and have been discouraged by a dramatic backslide in their condition. When looking at fibromyalgia exercise programs listen to your body. If you feel overly exhausted, then take it easy.

A Fibromyalgia Specialist patient shares her fibromyalgia exercise program:

"I want to share that participating in the exercise program - Curves has been good for my fibromyalgia along with stretching and yoga.

I read that exercise is important for fibromyalgia relief, but the typical exercise programs only worsened the pain. Curves has hydro-activated machines in a circuit which means I can control the pressure of the movement to the level that doesn't end up with having more pain. Exercise at Curves three days a week has increased my ability to move without so much pain and I am able to stay fit. Also, the tiredness that comes at times with fibromyalgia happens less when I exercise.

As a former ballet dancer it means a lot to be able to move again and as a current golfer I can swing the club again without as much stiffness and pain. I do not have stock in Curves- this account is just the truth for me and it may help others."



Dr. Dan Dantini had battled and conquered Fibromyalgia.
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