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Dr. Daniel Dantini, M.D.

  • 04-03-2011A Fibromyalgia Doctor Steps Out: Dr. Dantini on Treating Fibromyalgia and CFS with Antivirals
  • 11-6-2010Surviving The 21st Century Food Sensitivity
  • 08-23-10: 10 Food Rules for Pain Patients
  • 08-23-10: The New York Times Study Links Chronic Fatigue to Virus Class
  • 01-27-10: 24-7 Press Release Fibromyalgia Specialist Introduces Doc's Brand, A New Line of Supplements to Help in the Treatment of CFS, Fibromyalgia and Food Sensitivities
  • 04-11-08: U.S. News A New Fibromyalgia Remedy: Antiviral Drugs
  • 10-05-07: Fibromyalgia Specialist gives update on Dr. Dantini's soon to be released book on Fibromyalgia
  • 07-19-07: Chronic Fatigue No Longer Seen as "Yuppie Flu"
  • 10-5-04: Fibromyalgia Specialist has started the grant funded double-blind clinical trials
  • 09-29-04: Fibromyalgia Specialist is working with a second major drug company in Europe performing Phase III clinical trials
  • 01-06-04: Fibromyalgia Specialist gives update on the progress of the double-blind clinical trials
  • 01-05-04: Fibromyalgia Specialist gives update on Dr. Dantini's upcoming book on Fibromyalgia
  • 05-08-03: Fibromyalgia Specialist announces it has received a grant from a major drug maker to do double-blind clinical trials on its treatment protocol for Fibromyalgia
  • 02-03-03: Fibromyalgia Specialist announces the kickoff of Dr. Dantini's book on Fibromyalgia